Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Moving Day 1

Yesterday was day 1 of the movers being here and packing our stuff. Due to the hectic day and running around since 5 am sorting and putting the things aside I wanted to make sure didn't get packed I didn't have the energy to even think about posting pictures from the day, so here are a few from yesterday.

This is the truck the movers came in, they brought tons of boxes and brown paper that they have wrapped all the furniture in.

Here is a sample of the brown paper and the boxes that they are using. I'm just hoping that the paper is recyclable because those crazy Germans are REALLY into recycling and I don't want any trouble.

Here are some of the boxes from the kitchen. This does not include any of my serving dishes, those weren't packed up when I took this picture. It also does not include most of my pans and other cooking items because those were sent in the 1000 lb load. Yes...I admit I do have a lot of kitchen stuff, it's my weakness lol.

These boxes were under the island on next to the ones in the picture above....I know, I have a lot. But I LOVE it all so I don't see it going any where any time soon....except to Germany! lol

So far the week hasn't been very stressful for me at all, mostly because the movers are doing all the work. I will admit that the few days before they got here were super stressful, just getting ready so we didn't forget anything we needed. But of course as usual there were a few things I forgot to set aside the air bed that my husband and I were going to sleep on. I guess we'll be buying a new one, we needed to get one for our daughter to use anyway so I guess we'll just get 2 new air beds lol. A lesson learned the hard way. If that's the only lesson we learn the hard way on our first overseas move then I'll be really happy!

Keep an eye out later tonight for the pictures and an update from today. We have some loading planned for the day!

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