Friday, September 18, 2009

1000 lbs and No Carrier

The Travel Management Office (TMO) briefed us on all the things that we needed to do to be ready for the movers next week. Like I said before we have two shipments, one that is 1000 lbs of stuff we need right away and the rest will arrive shortly after we get to Germany. As of today we have only met with the carrier that is taking the larger load. They came out and estimated the weight last week and it looks like we are good to go on that.

Now things get interesting....some time its the same carrier for both loads, and sometime not. I guess we fell into the net category, just my luck! As of today we still have not heard from the carrier that is supposed to be picking up the smaller shipment. Why is this a HUGE deal?! Because if we don't have a smaller shipment we wont have anything we own until at least December 8th! All we will have is the stuff we can take in our luggage, we will not be able to have anything there waiting for us....

I'm hoping that we can get this worked out, if not it's going to be a very stressful day.

Update: We DO have a carrier! We were able to confirm the carrier on Friday afternoon for tomorrow morning. So now I can rest easy that I do not have to pack absolutely everything that I have for the winter and fall into 1 suitcase (which btw is technically IMPOSSIBLE). So now we are working on the gigantic tasking of sorting into 3 piles....pack, 30 day shipment, or regular shipment....oh yeah and a 4th pile DONATE. I'm working on donating a ton of stuff that we no longer use/ want for the 3rd time this year. At the rate I'm going I wont have much to ship when they get here next week.  

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