Friday, September 11, 2009

Travel Plan

This week we got our actual flight information! I'm really excited because I've had to tell everyone that asks me, and just about everyone that I know has asked me several times, when we are leaving that we are leaving "around the 1st of November". Well, now I know for sure that we are leaving on the 2nd of November. The rest of the details of course I will not share for security reasons, BUT I am happy to say that I have official flight information! I feel really excited and a little nervous about it. It was hard not knowing when we were leaving but now that I do know for sure I'm a little nervous because it's so REAL now.

Now I have really have to kick it into high gear with the packing and sorting and donating. The movers will be here soon and I still feel a million years from being ready. Wish me luck!

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