Saturday, February 6, 2010

Did you remember to turn off the coffee maker?

If you are like me you start packing weeks before a trip. I like to open a bag and start tossing in items that I am not using on a day to day basis but that I will need for my upcoming trip, i.e. my grass skirt and coconut bikini top for my Hawaii vacation. (Oh how I wish I actually had a Hawaii vacation coming up in the next few weeks *sigh*). I digress...if you are also like me you spend at least two weeks before the trip preparing and packing and checking to make sure you have the extra battery for the camera all charged up and ready to go - and inevitably you always forget something!

Ahhh but those days are in the past! I have found the a great website called Don't Forget Your Toothbrush (which I have done before).  This site will help you create a custom list of items to pack and things to do before your trip. It will even email you reminders of items to check off the list before your trip! This site is ingenious and easy to use - I signed up and made a list for my imaginary trip to Hawaii and it was really simple to do.

After you have signed up for your FREE account, from the Member's Page just click on "NEW LIST".

Then the most amazing thing get to start designing your own custom list! (I do love a good list...) From this page you can select the type of destination, name your list, tell it when you traveling and click the check at the bottom.


After you have given the list your information, this is what you get....

Each section at the bottom has a drop down menu of items that need to be completed. It's all organized and when you go through each set of items you can make special notes for yourself so that you can further customize your list! The next sections for Packing List and Extra Items work just the same so you can make sure to have it on the list to check off before you leave for your much needed vacation! You can check off items on the website if you happen to be near it or you can print the list and update it when it is convenient for you. No more forgotten medications, extra batteries for the camera, or grass skirts and coconut bikini tops!

Now, I have to say that while I am loving this site there is one downside that I did find. When it asked my destination the list was by country and since I am going to Hawaii - I selected the United States. My issue with this is that while I am going to a beach vacation what if my destination were a place in the US that was a rock beach? I think that there should be a little more definition as to the destination, but I still wouldn't let that stop me from using this list. It's a very minor issue and I don't see that it would create any problems for someone that isn't as OCD as I am about my packing.

If anyone does try this site for a trip, please make sure to leave me a comment and let me know what you think of it!

Happy planning!

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