Friday, January 22, 2010

One from the HUGE list

When we first arrived, actually before we even left for Germany, I had planned to write almost everyday on my blog about all the wonderful new things about Germany. I was so excited and just knew that everyday would be FILLED with new and interesting things to write about. What I hadn't planned on was the overwhelming about of new things that there are to write about. So where to start with this gigantic mental list of things I know everyone wants to know about...

So here is my plan, I will write about all these things that are so different here in Germany - some useful, some not - some huge differences, some not - some interesting and frankly some that just aren't. Why would I want to include the things that aren't interesting, big, or useful? - Because everyone keeps asking me how I like it here and this will give everyone an insider view of what life is like for us here.

To start with one from the HUGE list....

Now I have to start by telling you that this is not going to be pretty, it did involve some crying...ok, ok...a lot of crying are you happy now that I confessed? lol Seriously, there is a HUGE shortage, actually its not a shortage at all -  its a TOTAL LACK of craft stores in Germany! Nothing that would ever be mistaken for Michael's, Joann's, or Hobby Lobby. Yes, that's right...there are no craft store in Germany. I mean seriously, does no one in Germany MAKE anything?

Now, let me say this there are several stores that I have heard of that sell sewing/quilting/yarn for knitting type supplies. It seems that the only "craft" that Germans do is well knit. That's fine and all and honestly a skill that I do not but wish I did have. But it does me no good really that these are the only supplies that are available locally.

The base has an "Art's and Crafts Center" that has, and I say this very generously, a small amount of crafting supplies. I am grateful for the attempt at craft supplies but it's just really not adequate at all.

So now I am left to say thank GOD (I mean this seriously I do thank the Lord) for the internet...even if a Democrat claims that he "invented" in...and not the group of scientists that actually did (whatever...). Anyway, I seriously would die if it weren't for the internet while we are in Germany. Luckily I can order supplies from many sites online, no thanks at all to Target who wont ship MOST of their items to an APO...whatever, again. I do have very good luck in ordering supplies online, with a little planning ahead of course!

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  1. I have said it many many times, the internet ROCKS! You can find most everything especially when you can't find what you need locally.

    ((HUGGS)) you should take up knitting, it's fun and surprisingly easy to learn.