Friday, August 28, 2009

...and the "fun" begins!

Hello all my peeps out there in blogger land! If you do not know already my husband is in the Air Force and we have received orders overseas to Germany. This is my new blog that will be totally dedicated to our journey of moving and living overseas in fabulous and luxurious military style....YEAH RIGHT! While there is A LOT to do, and an incredible amount of change for all of us involved in this move we are still excited to be able to live and travel and experience cultures in so many new places. The move to Germany will allow us to travel Europe and see all the places that we've dreamed of. The first thing that my daughter asked me, was, "Can we go to Paris?!" lol. She's really excited about traveling and can't wait to go to Paris.

We aren't leaving Tucson until approximately November 1, but everyone keeps asking me about the move. So I wanted to start the blog before that so everyone can see some of the things that we are going through to get ready. At this point we've had to apply for new passports and we've sold a lot of stuff that we aren't taking with us. Example: We didn't want to take our old heavy and ugly bedroom set so we sold it and now all our clothes that were in the dressers are now in suitcases in my room. It's hard living this glamorous life! We are going to get a new set but we just haven't decided on one yet. I am making a trip to Ikea this weekend, so I just might come home with a whole new house of furniture!

So the next step for us is having our house packed up and moved. Now, this wouldn't normally be a big deal but since our stuff is moving to Germany and a slow boat to Europe takes about 60-75 days to get there so our stuff is leaving before us. If we didn't have our household goods picked up and shipped until we leave, we would be waiting in Germany for it for about 2 months so having it leave a few weeks before us is the lesser of two evils. We will be in temporary housing for a few weeks, aka a tiny hotel room at the base hotel, before we go anyway. Before that we will be without most of our household goods, other than what we are keeping to put into storage, for about 6 weeks. That means we'll be air mattress sleeping, paper plate eating, and tiny TV watching for a long time before we go. Did I mention how glamorous the military life really is?

While I am excited about this move there is a ton of stuff to do still. Over the next few months I'll be posting regularly on the blog about the move and yes I will be posting lots of pictures too. We'll be visiting family, packing, selling more stuff we don't want to take, taking our car to San Diego to be shipping overseas, and so much more fun! If you have ever wondered what it takes to move to another country you aren't going to want to miss these posts so stay tuned!

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